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Cork decor and design

Cork is one of the most versatile products that can be used across a multitude of applications:

  • Cork granules made for wine cork stoppers
  • Accessories – pin boards, place mats, coasters to name a few uses
  • Arts and craft – can be used to cover books, boxes and any materials to create a decorative finish
  • Interior finishes – floors , walls , ceilings and floor insulation
  • Fashion – cork fabric made from patent technology that allows designers create clothes, purses, handbags
  • Furniture – can be formed into bespoke pieces of artwork from lamp shades, chairs, benches

What is Cork?

Cork is a versatile natural product that offers beauty, comfort and durability. Oak is harvested from the outer bark of cork oak trees.

The cork oak tree is the only tree that can regenerate its bark after every harvest making it a sustainable solution. This makes cork products 100% ecofriendly.

    The benefits of cork:
    • 100% natural, reusable and recyclable​
    • Excellent acoustic insulation​
    • Sound absorption, can reduce walking sound by 53%​
    • Excellent thermal insulation​
    • Energy efficient and retains heat​
    • Water resistant​
    • Hypo-allergenic​
    • Antistatic properties​
    • Shock absorbent properties, reduces stress and tension if used on floors
    • Extremely light and buoyant​
    We stock a range of cork products:
    • Cork sheets​ – Used for arts and crafts
    • Cork pin boards​ – Ideal for schools and offices.​
    • Accessories/ Homeware​ – Coasters, place mats, decorative wall covering ​
    • Decorative wall finishes​ – There is a wallpaper, cork panels that will enhance and create natural feature walls.​
    • Flooring​ – Cork flooring is one of the most natural and versatile floors.​
    • Custom made furniture​ – You can make a multitude of bespoke furniture that can be fabricated with cork.
    • Insulation​ – The cork is engineered to be used as insulation in floors, walls, ceilings and can even be used as external cladding.​

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    Accessories and Furniture

    We can design and fabricate custom furniture using cork combined with other materials.

    Insulation and Underlay Cork

    There is a range of industrial cork products that have been designed specifically as underlays and for both acoustic and insulation barriers. Under screed composite cork is laid in between thee foundation and +-20mm screed before a final floor covering is laid.

    Underlays used under laminates, click luxury vinyl planks, engineered wood. Acoustic wall / ceiling panels from 20 to 150mm thick which have been engineered for specific sound and insulation requirements.

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